EnerGov is a user-friendly, web-based land use and business permitting system that connects all information necessary to request a license or permit, creates accuracy and precision and streamlines the process. The goal of EnerGov is to provide services that are professional, accountable and efficient. When fully implemented, EnerGov will allow customers to use an online portal to work with Land Use on their own time. They can apply for business licenses and all types of building and secondary permits and track the review process without ever coming to City Hall. EnerGov will manage land use and all types of regulatory permitting, including:

  • Intake
  • Routing of submittals
  • Calculating fees
  • Obtaining approvals
  • Scheduling inspections (if needed)

Our 3-Point Strategy for Improving Development Review and Permitting

  1. Increasing Capacity – The Land Use Department is actively working to increase capacity at the staff and management levels. In addition to filling several key vacancies, the Department is in the process of hiring more staff to assist with permitting, plan review, and inspections.  The Department is also adding an Assistant Director of Development, who will oversee the Permitting, Inspections, and Technical Review Divisions.  The Assistant Director will provide additional management capacity and ensure better coordination among individuals responsible for planning, permitting and inspections.
  2. Implementing Technology – Implementation ofEnerGov is an important first step towards providing our staff with the technology required to provide the best customer service experience possible. We are currently working closely with our ERP team to optimize the EnerGov platform to better align the workflows to our business needs. In the coming months, we will roll out additional functionality, such as Customer Self Service (CSS) and digital plan review, to make working with the City both easier and more efficient.
  3. Integrating Processes and Procedures – EnerGovis powerful tool that will help the Land Use Department streamline our processes and refine our procedures. We are committed to promoting continuous improvement to our business practices. The Department has recently hired a Business Analyst who will assist in mapping our current processes and identify opportunities for improving efficiency and reducing turnaround times.

Updates on implementation of EnerGov and online and in-person training opportunities will be announced as soon as they are scheduled.  We appreciate your patience.